Commercial Refrigeration Repair in Yakima, WA

Do you own a grocery store, restaurant, or gas station? If so, you probably have a commercial refrigerator. When a problem arises, it is important to have it repaired promptly. You will be happy to find that Market Equipment is a highly recommended company in the Yakima, WA area. 

Our Commercial Refrigeration Repair ServicesCommercial Refrigeration Repair in Yakima, WA

It is imperative always to have your commercial refrigerator services as needed. Routine maintenance is not a bad idea and higher encouraged as well. If you have noticed a problem with your commercial refrigerator, our team can help you in these situations. 

You can call our office and talk with one of our employees to help you make an appointment o have your repairs done. We offer emergency services as well for those times that problems arise outside of regular business hours. Market Equipment wants to provide you with excellent services that you are pleased with; that is why we pay close attention to providing top-notch customer service. 

We Provide Services To Yakima, WA

Yakima, WA, is a relatively large community with around 100,000 people living there. It is located inside of Yakima County, once known as Ferguson County. There are museums to enjoy and state parks to explore. Probably one of the most attractive places in this area is White Pass Ski Resort. If you love to ski and take in some breathtaking snowy mountains, you will love White Pass Ski Resort. Our team at Market Equipment loves providing services to Yakima. 


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Market Equipment is a reputable company in the Washington area. If you need someone who can provide you trustworthy services, call us today. It would be our pleasure to help you out. We love serving the Yakima community and the surrounding area

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